A wild party at the Beeb’s house ..even though he’s bored. No better than time now to have a universe collapse onto itself.


I feel like I missed a week of everything.. It was a trying and horrendous personal time for me and my family last week. This week, with any luck and grace of an almighty something, will be better. And with a lapsed period of time such as what occurred, it frightens me to no avail when seeing the calender. The hauntingly close time until Christmas.. the lack of gifts and food at this time for the big day. Hopefully no other snowstorms interfere with the highways of life.
Less than a week until Christmas, 2013.
Hoping this week will be better than the last.
Hoping 2014 will be, too..

Onto the news..

Something extremely important happened this weekend–and few American news companies chose to do much reporting on it. China landed a rover on the moon–and now the first photos are coming back. I spent a little of Saturday night listening to Richard C. Hoagland, with his crazed white mane of luscious hair, espouse something odd beliefs about China’s quest to find the glass structures on the moon he has been talking about since his Cronkite days. But he did say something else that made sense: The United States could have done this with a rover for years. But it decided not to.. instead, China has now entered the space race and, quite possibly, is planning to be the leader of the world to whoever or whatever is out there.. The question is: Will China use space for peaceful purposes? While we’re at that, will the United States or any other nation want to simply explore space for the pure attempt to help mankind as a whole? Or will we, as a world, disintegrate into a future where drones and lasers zap people from planetary or satellites somewhere deep in space?
Time will tell. In the mean time, all eyes of the planet are on Jade. Well, all eyes except the media in the United States frightened to inform the populace that we’re not number one in this, or almost anything anymore.

Footage of the Jade landing released..
Another one planned for 2017..
First photos..

The kids aren’t alright: There is a ‘growing trend of teen porn addiction.’ It’s much easier to do it these days than it was during the times when you had to nervously look a cashier at a local gas station in the eye..you tried to hide it.. you attempted to conceal the evidence. But no matter that, PLAYBOY’s logo would always peak out over the paper bag.. But this new information shows that porn addicts are most 12-17 year olds..

82-year-old woman complaining of stomach ailments found with 40-year-old fetus in her..

All is quiet on the sun. And that may not be good..It’s certainly not normal..

Giant mantle plume, similar to Yellowstone, lurks under Antarctica..

If you’re bored it’s because you’re boring, Beebs: Justin Bieber is growing bored with performing.

Party at the Bieber house: Ambulance called in to assist a girl passed out. Did she sign one of those non-disclosure agreements that forbids her from speaking anything of what happened in the Bieber mansion? This we know: When the young party-goer regained consciousness, she requested that the ambulance not come

Miley Cyrus outdoes herself. Or tries to. A sex-themed show put on at the Jingle Ball..

Joan Fontaine, actress who won as Oscar for Hitchcock’s SUSPICION, dies at 96..

Peter O’Toole dead at 81..

HOBBIT tops US box office..

Paul Walker’s younger brother may step in to save FAST AND FURIOUS 7..

James Cameron says he will shoot THREE sequels to AVATAR.. I am in pain just contemplating that..

Kevin Smith’s TUSK gets release date..

The best Christmas horror movies..

AND FINALLY at this hour.. Here is something to try to get your mind around. The prospects that the universe itself will end. That everything that is will not be and everything that has happened will have been for nothing, since no one ever will no of it–since there will be a lack of something, and a lack of nothing. This is the phase transition theory, and it’s getting more traction. According to a study from Denmark, the collapse of the universe is ‘closer than before’.. Essentially, every particle in the entire will become too heavy and the universe will collapse on itself. And cease to exist. Imagine.. a history of time gone. There would be no time, no need for history, and NOT EVEN a lack of history since a collapse and end of the univere would equal a lack of nothing.
It’s a tough way to begin a Monday.