Drone deliveries

Who says drones can’t be used for the good, too? »

AMAZON is going to deliver your package with drones—not armed, I imagine, unless you consider a piece of junk made in China to be a weapon..
Seriously, Jeff Beezos showed CHARLIE ROSE all of the gadgets and contraptions that will make drone delivery possible tonight on 60 MINUTES.
Goodbye post office. So long UPS. FEDEX is not even a match.
No, not at all.
Not when you have drones…
At least if this happens, innocent Pakistani school kids won’t be killed in ‘collateral damage’ for no reason. 
But what if the people of Pakistan order from Amazon? Drones to the rescue while others bomb?
Oh the future prospects of this are … startling. AND COMING SOON TO A SKY NEAR YOU.
What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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