I am still here.. I am not sure what timeline I’m on but I’m still here

A brief update, there has been a personal crisis within the family, I do not want to going to any more details at this time.

It however has kept me from updating this website.. I did not forget about you all out there, I will write some more on this matter as it develops, but at this time I do not wish to speak about it on a public forum I only request that you send me prayers or collective consciousness to help someone in the family who is struggling for life..
…when I do speak about it I intend on sharing a very strange series of events that has me convinced time travel and time slips are occurring and we often don’t even know it..
You may call me crazy when you hear it, but until then there are personal matters that I and my family need to tend to..

Stay tuned for more about that, plus I will try to throw a few updates about otherworldly events over the next couple of days if all goes well…
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