A severe case of the Mondays

I took note this morning, despite the frigid air and snow covered ground, there are birds again. They are flying.. they are chirping.. they are looking for food. They are coming back. Yes, indeed.. spring will spring.
And with it comes severe weather, the risk of tornadoes destroying homes, hurricane season, El Nino, record heat, misery, air conditioners breaking, and morbid high temperatures making trousers soaked in sweat for the remainder of the day. That is summer.. and right now lots of people are begging Mama Nature to provide that.  As for me? I’ll miss the cold. It’s already fleeting..

Onto the news, also fleeting by the second. I warn you in advance, not much of today’s news is good. Unless you like Jessica Alba in horror movies:

After the warming.. the cooling? Interesting news here as a warmer Arctic could potentially promote a colder and longer winter for North America and Europe from now on.. Scientists at Rutgers explain their theory of the changing jet stream..

El Nino is being forecast to return for the winter of 2015.. And on that note, scientists are saying they could forecast El Ninos up to 4 years in advance now. Others are doubtful …

A new study has been released linking autism and other disorders of the brain to chemicals.. According to the data, industrial chemicals has risen over the past 7 years and can be tied in with autism.. The LANCET NEUROLOGY journal–which is a peer reviewed and high respected publication. Among the chemicals cited: Chlorpyrifos, Tetrachloroethylene, lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, and toluene..

Why you should put down your phone and start talking to strangers.. 

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Maryland seem to be the center of a very bad batch of heroin.. The ‘killer’ is causing a lot of fatal overdoses since the beginning of the year..

The 300 acre 'town' includes a five story embassy, a bank, a school, an underground subway and train station
This one is raising eyebrows (and gaining global media attention): The United States Army has built a fake city with churches, a football stadium, and school.. To shoot at.

House Democrats deploy unusual tactics to force a vote on minimum wage increase.. 

The HORROR REPORT has been following the Latoya Ammons exorcism case (and subsequent movie deal that Father Maginot made with the makers of the CONJURING) .. Now this: A Catholic columnist reported that he got a statement from the Diocese of Gary. The spokeswoman called the event a “media fiasco.” Read the full statement here..

This is the state of horror in the world–the real kind.. There is testimony from behind the cell walls of prison camps in North Korea. CNN reports this:“A North Korean prison camp survivor told of a pregnant woman in a condition of near-starvation who gave birth to a baby — a new life born against all odds in a grim camp. A security agent heard the baby’s cries and beat the mother as a punishment. She begged him to let her keep the baby, but he kept beating her. With shaking hands, the mother was forced to pick up her newborn and put the baby face down in water until the cries stopped and a water bubble formed from the newborn’s mouth.” Beyond disgusting.. beyond horrific. This is real…  The crimes being committed against humanity are dreadful and continuous.. And now the big question at the United Nations: Will NK ally China block action?

New Syria worries: The United States once against seems to be moving towards military intervention..
But who are we giving weapons to? You may be surprised..
Meanwhile.. Syria says the United States created a negative climate in Geneva..
And this: American backed Syrian ‘insurgents’ are caught on video teaching a 12-year-old how to behead opponents.. 

1000 bodies unearthed believing to have been corpses from the Mississippi state ‘Lunatic Asylum” from the 19th century.. The bodies were found during excavation for a parking lot..

A website gets an anonymous email from a years claiming to see a ghostly nun at the Bank of England… could it be the famed spirit of Sarah Whitehead?

When I read stories like this, I literally weep–and I mean that.. A father watched his entire family die in a burning car and could not save them.. The family had just left a birthday party and was going back home.. I link this story not to bring more added pain and misery to the man who now must face a life after this grim event, but because I hope you, reading this, can pray or ask God or ask Allah or ask the collective consciousness to bring some type of goodness or love to this man’s life.. I cannot even imagine the suffering endured by his family, and now by him..

* * * *

The Kentucky pastor and snake handler made famous on reality TV dies after being bit by a snake.. He believed that God would protect any ‘true believer’ from snake venom. And now his death becomes the butt of a joke.. Unbelievable.

Charlie Sheen set to marry for the fourth time, this time to a porn star..  Her name is Brett Brossi. Don’t do a Google image search if you’re at work!

Jessica Alba in talks to star in horror flick THE VEIL, the story of a religious cult that takes their own lives..

Udpate: LEGO MOVIE easily beats all competition at box office..

Look how much Jaromir Jagr enjoys this sports massage..

Have a profitable Monday.

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