But will pizza drivers delivery to the ‘haunted’ Ellen mansion?

Oscars watchers laughed and chuckled as Ellen DeGeneres brought a pizza man live on stage during the telecast.. The pizza guy didn’t have a clue–he thought he was delivering food to writers and producers, but did not think he’d be thrust into the spotlight of Hollywood elite.. He said he got a $600 tip from the one delivery! Not bad ..

Ellen is also in the news for some other darker reasons. There are several reports surfacing now that Ellen and Portia Di Rossi’s house, just freshly purchased for a cool $40 mil, is haunted..

Ellen supposedly has been hearing noises like footsteps and doors closing. One must trust the sources on this story, though, as Ellen herself didn’t reveal any details herself..Ellen and Portia’s house was built for real estate developer Sidney Brody and his wife Frances in 1951.

Known as the Brody House, it’s located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood next door to the famed Playboy Mansion. Brody died in 83 and his wife in 2009.

Supposedly, Ellen is going to have some sort of ‘spiritual cleansing’ to rid the house of spirits and does not want to ‘share her house’ with Brody.. She’s rather just share it with Portia for now.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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