Case of the Mondays: News from coast to coast and beyond

More things are being ‘spotted’ in the Indian Ocean and near Australia.. It could be Malaysian Flight 370. Or it could be chunks of the mountains of plastic that no doubt float in the ocean.  I am not holding my breath, nor getting excited.. if something is confirmed, I’ll obviously be on that. Until then I consider this flight missing.. gone..

News from the world on this manic Monday:

Malaysia is unwilling to release the full cargo manifest.  Well…. That’s a bit weird.. right?

Jimmy Carter comes out of the shadows to say that he thinks the NSA is monitoring his email..  I have already heard some laughing at the former president. I think he may be right.. if the NSA is monitoring all current leaders, why wouldn’t they also track Carter–a man who has worked endlessly in other nations on humanitarian missions?

There has also been something ‘paranormal’ in relation to Jimmy Carter.. any UFO expert knows this story: Carter reported seeing a UFO in Georgia in 1969. There is even intrigue and rumor about an old story in which Carter supposedly questioned George Bush senior on UFOs in the 1970s.. It’s sort of the reason that apolitical folks–the ones who see through the nonsense–kind of like Jimmy Carter..

All Israeli embassies have been closed worldwide–all. Foreign Ministry’s workers have declared a full-fledged strike after an ongoing two-year work dispute..  And of course, any time Israel decides to do anything, uneducated conspiracy theories abound. 

No signs of life after enormous Washington state landslide.. 

Germans seize a massive cocaine shipment on its way to the VATICAN! We know the Pope was once a bouncer. Maybe he hired on some of the folks he bounced..? But even more on that cocaine shipment story: The package sent to the Vatican from a South American country (yes the Pope is from there) contained 14 condoms filled with the coke.. And while no one is accusing Bergoglio of doing anything nefarious, clearly something nefarious is being done by someone.. Anyone have a Cardinal with the sniffles lately?

Social experiment: British shoppers ignore the plight of lost girls in shopping center..

A look back at hell: 15 years since the NATO bombing campaign in Yugoslavia.. 

A note to hockey fans–especially children: Don’t bang on the glass during games. THIS may happen.

Ancient mummies had a secret: Very private tattoos. And now they are being revealed with CAT scans..

Earlier the HORROR REPORT told you about the constant strong Chile earthquakes. There’s rocking in the Free World, too.. Oklahoma shaking.. At last count, there have been 38 earthquakes in the state since March 21. And of course it has nothing to do with natural gas fracking. Right.. ?

US sailors and marines sick from Fukushima now are suing TEPCO. With little to no mention in United States media about it..

Phallus in the forest: Tourists flocking to a tree that ‘grew a penis’.. 

Interesting video: Should you use the snooze button? The extra few minutes actually aren’t good for you–making you feeling more tired. So just WAKE UP LATER! or go to bed earlier.. Unless you’re a parent. Or a dog owner. (or in my case, both)

The brave new world: The remains of 15,000 aborted babies were used to heat hospitals in the UK.. After it was revealed, an instant ban was placed on the practice by officials in Britain.

NOAH, the film, is ‘awash in a flood of controversy for green agenda,’ says a TELEGRAPH article about the release of the film--a release in MEXICO that did apparently very well this weekend. The TELEGRAPH says that the movie shows NOAH as the first environmentalist and that the name ‘God’ is not spoken during the movie.

Album of discarded Johnny Cash songs released!
They are streaming exclusively at the GUARDIAN..
The songs are haunting, in some way.. I question first off if Johnny Cash really would have wanted these released–there’s nothing ‘bad’ about them but the fact they were discarded makes me think he just didn’t like them enough to release them.. But it’s haunting to hear his voice–as eerie as ever–so many years since his passing. One song, especially, was “Don’t you think it’s come our time” ..Something about that one reminded of a funeral scene, with flowers on grave sites for June Carter and Johnny.. very cool to hear his voice again .. but eerie just the same.

Bella Thorne to star in new AMITYVILLE HORROR movie. WAIT.. they are making another new AMITYVILLE movie!?

Dylan Penn to make acting debut in horror movie CONDEMNED. 

Return to the 20th century: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and SCOOBY DOO gang are back

WWE Studio's Scooby Doo! WrestleMania Mystery goes on sale Tuesday, March 25th. Photo Credit:
Wrestling star MIZ co-stars in animated SCOOBY DOO WRESTLEMANIA MYSTERY

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And finally.. a piece of art from the Internet I found.. no clue as to its origins or who created it–I’d give credit if I knew. But I just love it.. Who DIDN’T feel like this as they walked into school classrooms each morning? And for those still in school who read the HORROR REPORT, I felt this way too. I fear my son, only age 3, will one day be thinking the same thoughts.. so often it feels like a big PINK FLOYD song as you go through your childhood. There seems to be so many adults who are dead set on ruining a kid’s dream or stomping down imagination.. There are teachers, parents, bus drivers, and principals who become a nightmare for children.. There are moments in time when living in childhood is a prison unto itself–where bullies thrive and hopes dive. But to those who read this facing the same hell of the brain: Be strong. School will one day be out forever. And when you’re 15 years post high school graduation, the good memories may remain and the bad will shrink.. Some of them.
But I also say this, to those who are reading this right now being bullied: You don’t have to be the victim. You’re better than the bully.. you’re smarter.. you’re more intelligent. And you’re more honest with yourself. Be as strong as you can be, don’t allow the darkness of sadness creep in, it’s not worth it. And more than anything else, don’t ever lose who you are.. then a bully wins. I’ve been down paths similar.. And it’s rough. But after the storm passes you’ll see how beautiful the sun can be..
I fear future moments with my own child.. I fear what other kids–and adults–are capable of. Having a child changed everything, and continues to do so.. E V E R Y T H I N G.

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