Chile is rumbling

Chile has been experiencing several large earthquakes recently, with yesterday being the latest at 6.1 in magnitude.

Rock slides have resulted in something locations. In other areas affected by the shaking, rattled nerves are abounding..

The latest quake yesterday was 60 miles from Iquique. According to Twitter users in that area, many are without power.

But here is the interesting point: Since March 16 of this year, there have been 300 seismic events with about 28 of those having enough intensity to be felt.  On March 16 when everything began, a large quake caused the evacuation of 100,000 people .

The Sunday 6.1 quake came just one day after a Saturday 6.2 tremor. With all of these recent relatively strong shakings, there is little damage being reported.

Another number: There have been four 6.0+ quakes in this same area over the past 7 days..

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