….but I really did not realize just how bad it was until further research into news bits and the study of the photographs.. the snow is piled high—residents who have been witness to monster snowbursts before said they have never seen anything quite like what has occurred. Even more, four are dead due to lightning strikes and thunder snow.. An entire basketball team was rescued after becoming stranded.. 

At this point, the motorists who are stranded on I-90 have no idea when they will get off the highway.. And get this: NBC news reports,

Almost 76 inches of snow fell in the suburbs in southern Buffalo, according to The National Weather Service. This total was a record over a 24-hour period for anywhere in the U.S. on record. It prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency in 10 counties. Among hundreds of trapped vehicles on the roads was the team bus of the Niagara University Purple Eagles women’s basketball team. It was stuck for more than 24 hours around 50 miles from the team’s Buffalo campus. Players tweeted early Wednesday that they had been rescued.

That is scary.. very very scary.

I recall the now famous Valentine’s Day Ice storm in Pennsylvania back in the mid 2000s when people were stranded on several major PA highways for up to 25 hours.. That was a disaster, and the temperature was warmer than what Buffalo has and the snow was much less..

In this situation: The snow amounts in photographs look downright frightening..

So for now, this has become a 50-state freeze.. Major cold across the entire country. All thanks to a Super Typhoon a month ago.. amazing how weather works..

So much snow, you have to jump to spat..

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