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This is a great article written by Kate Briquelet at the POST…

For those of you who think secret weird cults are confined to either history or is just fodder for conspiracy kooks, get a load of the POST article that details the life and times—in our modern times—of the secret society of Murray Hill.

One member said that it’s the cult next door to every New Yorker—and no one knows it’s there.

From the POST:

The former worshiper, a Manhattan woman who spoke on the condition of ­anonymity because she fears retribution, joined the group in 2003 while dating a man who was raised in it.

“I totally wanted to know what was going on,” she said, adding that her boyfriend assured her it was “nothing creepy . . . just the basic tenets of all religions.”

The deeper she got, the more skeptical she became.

Baer spoke to her of battling evil people in lucid dreams and how cancer and other illnesses were the result of karma, not health habits, genetics or environment. She noted Baer’s repeated, odd mispronunciation of “awry” as “ow-ree.”

It gets weirder:

During a meeting at the end of the year, ­everyone was handed a white ­envelope — except for her. The next day, she joined her boyfriend, who had since become her fiancé, and his parents for dinner.

The food wasn’t even served before her ­fiancé’s mother stood at the table and announced: “If you think you’re marrying him, you’re nuts. I remember you from 10,000 years ago, and you tried to bring down the Light.

And this:

Ex-members told The Post they couldn’t even have artwork or bric-a-brac in their homes unless it contained one of the signs, which include an “owl,” or watcher protecting Light members, and a cross with an “X,” the group’s greeting sign.

So the next time you’re in someone’s humble little home, check for the X.. maybe you’ll be right next door to the same strange cast of characters who worship the owl and wait for the end times in Murray Hill..

Former Congregation for the Light member Paul Arthur Miller with approved owl memorabilia in his home


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