The DAILY BEAST goes ‘Inside the Secret World of Arab Playboys’

The DAILY BEAST goes ‘Inside the Secret World of Arab Playboys’

Tom Sykes writes,

The royal family of the oil-rich emirate will no doubt be hoping that the conclusion of the mourning period will bring down the curtain. For many years speculation ran rampant that the charming and glamorous Prince Rashid, who lived a glittering life amply accessorized with racehorses, fast cars, and beautiful women, was a persistent drug abuser and sex addict.

In the UAE, the prince’s death has been greeted with hagiographic official obituaries.

In the West, however, the demise of Rashid has cast a rare beam of light on the secret world of the Arab playboys who flock every summer to escape the intense heat of the Middle East, and spend vast amounts of money on Western debaucheries.

The alleged behavior of some of these Arab princelings was highlighted again on Friday, after Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was reportedly accused of attempting toforce an employee to give him oral sex, before more reports of him sexually accosting five women surfaced.

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