Wes Craven tweeted an image tonight of what the new ghost face mask will look like..

It glows. it’s blue. It may be used for an upcoming MTV series..

Regardless of its use, the mask is certainly much different than the 1990s incarnation of the famous SCREAM painting..

Feedback has been critical.. divided. Some like. Some hate.
The white face of the original SCREAM series is iconic.. even today, kids on Halloween scout towns with the attire–most likely not even knowing how scary a scene with Drew Barrymore answering a giant portable phone was in the late 20th century..

This mask though?
I personally think it looks like a Dollar Store version of the original mask.. a bad replica.

Maybe just a bad photo..
Tomorrow: The new GHOST FACE debuts at FUN WORLD.

According to Wes Craven..


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