Late Sunday update

Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. REUTERS/China Daily/Files
A Royal Scandal of epic proportions broke over night across the planet.. News circulated that Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed having sex with an underage girl! The story revolves around the elite’s friend Jeffrey Epstein.. British media is also pointing out that Bill Clinton had a relationship with Epstein that included travels to his private island.. Along with Clinton: Highpriced celebrities from Hollywood, politics, science, and entertainment.. Another name, besides Prince Andrew, named in the lawsuit: Alan Dershowitz.

INDEPENDENT: Prince Andrew regret his friendship now..
Andrew steps up denials in sex slave case..

And the past is haunting in the UK, too: The UK TELEGRAPH is reporting that Margaret Thatcher’s confidant former conservative minister Sir Peter Morrison lured a 14-year-old into a guesthouse and abused him.. The police covered up the crime after..

Kim looks like a teddy bear, really, among the children of the orphanage.
Cuddly Kim Jong Un plays with children..

Two earthquakes hit Los Angeles within 20 minutes of each other..

Pope Francis names 15 new Cardinals–none from the United States..

Happy new fears: A complete list of the 12 disasters that could end the world!

The biggest threat to humanity: THE INTERNET!?

Monsanto’s earnings may nosedive, could drop by 50%.. 

Polar vortex (or winter?) set to return next week..
Brutal cold and clippers..

KFOR reporting: New proposal in Oklahoma City may make it a $500 fine to simply wear a hoodie..

Reviews continue to give high praise to BLACK MIRROR.. I recently began viewing this now somewhat old British series.. So far interesting results. Perhaps when I have the chance to finally finish the full episode listing I will write up a review..

Good advice from the mouths of bosses: How to stay cool under pressure..

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