12 ways the world could end. Brought to us by a reputable publication near you

Some good news for your Sunday morning sidewalk–tongue in cheek on that.. a reliable publication like the FINANCIAL TIMES would never attempt to just scare us with awful things, right?

They have.


They are giving us a list of the 12 ways the world could end.. Asteroids.. supervolcanos.. global monetary collapse.. nuclear war.. pandemic..

Perhaps my favorite though: “Unknown consequences.”


The catch all. Just in case they missed any disaster scenarios, they want to go for the full wide ranging effect on your psyche. Thanks reliable reporters at FT. Never expected it from you..

But the frightening part, more than anything, is how right they are.

Sure we are comforted by our warm blankets each night. While we sleep peacefully in dreamland, there’s a hell being unleashed from underneath the planet.. Notice how many volcanoes are becoming lively again? Earth shaking along the East Coast.. Strange looking bombs going off in Ukraine. And the minute hands were moved ever so close to midnight by scientists who still warn of impending nuclear disaster.

I always am amazed as to how often life does not end on any given day. It seems we are always a hair trigger away from some awful event. Maybe there’s a defiant hand of creation involved to stop the anarchy from unraveling on the thin crust of this little pale blue dot. I don’t know..

But I do know this: FT is paying close attention. The reporters must have had a little too much coffee and Clyde Lewis recently..


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