Hadron Hell?

The Large Hadron Super Collider is going to be restarting again–a new particle, we’re told, could be detected this year that would make the Higgs Boson look minor.

For those keeping score, there are tons of websites online depicting a frightening scenario, one that they say even Stephen Hawking is warning us of.. perhaps a new black hole opening? Maybe the universe itself being eaten up..?


The Hadron Collider has already changed the world, to a degree. And despite lots of fanfare and rumors of demise, we haven’t faced anything too awful. That we are aware of. Then again, they are adding a second of time to the clock this summer. But that has nothing to do with the Hadron, even though I saw a rumor on some oddball website–even odder than mine–that it does..

Maybe the Langoliers coming ..or wait, that’s a Stephen King book. Not Hawking.

But what we do know is this: The extremely updated Collider is going to search for signals that could become a new model of physics. 

And maybe open a  black hole, too..


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