TRANSFORMERS rumors: Some news reports are just all thumbs.

Some new rumors about Megan Fox and Michael Bay–could it be that she’s in the new TRANSFORMERS movie but HE is out!? At this point just rumors. I highly doubt them as well.. for better or worse, Michael Bay IS the TRANSFORMERS movie.

And lots of people are really excited about the idea that Fox will return along with Shia LeBeouf, so as long as he’s not wearing some paper apparatus over his head that day..

These casting and production rumors are getting a little ridiculous.. as noted with a headline like this: “‘Transformers 5′ Cast, Trailer & Plot: Mark Wahlberg & Megan Fox Confirmed For Film [Rumors]

(because I’d go to REALTY TODAY for my entertainment news?)


… ahhhh..entertainment journalism. Where the words ‘confirmed’ and ‘rumors’ can appear in the same sentence..

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