MICHAEL BAY wants to “direct” a horror movie

Some people may think that Bay’s films were horrors already–of course none were officially categorized in that genre.. While critics have panned him for some stinkers before, TRANSFORMERS were all hits, even when Megan Fox had it out with Bay for whatever reason she and her thumbs did..
And not only a horror movie, but a self-financed flick.. He told the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER that it’s a dream of his to go down the fear road.. he also said his favorites include THE EXORCIST the SHINING. 
Some may be frightful of Bay delving into the genre.. 
I say let him have a shot..
Could it really be as bad as we have seen over the past ten years? Could Bay really do that much damage?
We’ll see how much he destroys the concept of THE NINJA TURTLES. I actually think he did pretty darn good with TRANSFORMERS. 
Maybe a bonus for horror fans would be the inclusion of Megan Fox. And her man-eating toe thumbs. Now that’s a concept worthy of a sequel already.



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