Mr. TV head man is about to rule your world. And then some.

Samsung TVs freak users out by inserting ads into movies »

If people are creeped out by this, they must have missed last week’s big news that SAMSUNG is warning purchasers of smart TVs that they should not have personal conversations in front of the device for fear that third party advertisers will get a hold of it..

It should all be creepy..

I can foresee one day coming soon—very soon since it seems to be going so fast lately—when you’ll be watching a home video of you in your private setting.. and your “SMART” device will note a product in the house. Perhaps a beer can, Pepsi bottle, or particular cereal.. suddenly you’ll be beamed an advertising lallapalooza ..

Until then, people will lament their smart TEEVEES..

And still buy them.

At some point soon I feel this will be commonplace—devices throughout a house will be so interconnected that there will not be a way to stop any of it. Our fridge will have a screen to advertise the products within.. our car will remind us to get gas and a coffee at the nearest location.. As we drive down highways we will be greeted with voice ads informing us of how much we ‘want’ and desire certain products.

We are for sale.
But the only thing not being taken into consideration: We will not have jobs. Robots will sweep us from just about every task we do.

Until then there, it is all fair game. We are for sale.
Your TV is watching you. And then some.



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