50 SHADES OF GREY is going to not only dominate the weekend box office, but there are hopes within the offices of Universal that a record could also be broken with the release of the sex-laden film in North American theaters..

The news so far, according to industry insiders: $30.2 mil Friday opening–that is a big number.. there is hope among corporate execs that it will reach or surpass $76 million for the week–and if that occurs a record could go down for a Valentine’s opening.. by Monday, a federal holiday, there are predictions the movie will surpass $90 mil!

Lots of sex.

A scene of steam

The heat will likely continue in box offices throughout the rest of today, Sunday, and even Presidents’ day, when instead of honoring past chief executives, people will be heavily breathing in dark theaters near you..

DEADLINE has more, and one piece of news is certainly giving this 50 SHADES ‘release’ an unholy twist,, Anthony D’Allesandro writes,

Should Fifty Shades final at its current weekend projections, it is bound to find a place among the top R-rated weekend openings of all-time.  2003’s Matrix Reloaded currently owns the top FSS for an R-Rated film with $91.77M while 2004’sPassion of the Christ is the top weekend opener, and R-rated pic, in February with $83.8M.

Take that JESUS!
Keep the crown of thorns and give Americans their sex..


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