Just as predicted ..

The HORROR REPORT said months ago that the WOMAN IN BLACK 2 would be a surprise hit in January–January is an exceptionally good time to release PG-13 horror movies..

And without fail, we were right on the prediction..

The WOMAN IN BLACK 2 did not have enough scare to surpass THE HOBBIT, which is continuing to get incredibly high numbers in the box office both domestic and international, but it did defy the odds and surpass its own estimates. It grossed an estimated $15mil or more, beating the distributor’s prediction of a $9 mil weekend–strongest nights were Friday and Saturday, undoubtedly date night crowds chomping for horror after the Christmas and New Years holidays wrapped up..

But according to estimates and indications, WOMAN IN BLACK 2 played very good with female and younger crowds as opposed to a male-centric audience.

This is what HORROR and other genres are going to have to play to now..  Horror’s broader appeal to women is going to change the face and shape of horror movies.. The gore may buckle under the pressure of deeper scares–the movie BABADOOK is a clear example of a movie playing to the deep fears within women..

It’s not just a man’s world anymore.


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