The Tuesday morning terrors.. from around the world and beyond

Just a sampling of the strange activities taking place around the planet as we speak..

A new plan in Britain seems extra creepy: Toddlers will be spied on to see if they exhibit any early signs of being terror sympathizers.. The government calls it the ‘duty’ of nursery teachers to spot terrorists in the making.. 

More intrigue as various sources begin to report Bill Clinton’s connection with Florida pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.. As previously reported, Epstein had over 20 numbers for the former President and, in the past, Clinton took a number of trips to the same private island that Prince Andrew did–the same place where underage girls were reportedly held and given to men and powerful elite .. The SMOKING GUN website indicates that Clinton and Epstein traveled together even though police were investigating him at the time..

MORE: Prince Andrew accused of using underage sex slave..

Flashback Rand Paul: Bill Clinton is a sexual predator..

EXPLOSIONS IN PENNSYLVANIA.. these weird blasts have been taking place near Lancaster, PA// Residents have been both hearing and feeling explosions under their feet but law enforcement haven’t the clue as to what they could be..

Doctors have euthanized over 650 babies  as part of assisted suicide law in the Netherlands..  People who argued that those with only terminal illnesses would face such a consequence are now being rattled by these numbers.. some are raising eyebrows and suspecting that babies with disabilities are facing the brunt of these deaths.. More coverage of this in the British press with the UK DAILY MAIL writing, bluntly, that parents who don’t want their children are killing them in Holland.. This is the very ‘slippery slope’ that many progressives said would not happen…

Now police want to be included in federal hate crimes law..

Welcome to the future of sex without partners: A vibrator that can sync to your iPhone..

WASHINGTON POST reporting a very blunt fact: In ten years, your job will not exist..

Courtesy: Arizona Department of Transportation Facebook page
Cameras caught something bizarre along a highway in Arizona.. 
 Some say an animal, others say bigfoot.. I saw people who knew a camera was there and wanted to cause a stir. And then they did–if it was people. The story has gone worldwide today..