Studio execs are blaming weather for some less than stellar numbers.

WILL SMITH’S ‘FOCUS’ NOT IN CLEAR FOCUS.. Less people went to see this film than expected.. Luckily the film was cheap to make. With only $19 mil so far racked up, though, more sales will need to be generated to pay off Warner Bros..

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was still second in week three..

Number three was the SPONGE still soaking up family friendly movie goers.. The film came in with $11.2 mil for the weekend and has thus far made $140 mil in four weeks..

The LAZARUS EFFECT had little effect on the box office, it was expected by many to come in 4th place for its first week .. Instead, another set of women –maybe for the second time–went to see FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.. Mr. Grey ended the third week in the box office with almost $11 mil and a grand total of $147 mil since its release in early Valentine’s Day weekend..

And finally, in fifth, a weak LAZARUS EFFECT with a little over $10 mil total. Respectable perhaps.. but the numbers tell a bigger story. The movie had a 13% increase in sales on Saturday when compared to its opening Friday.. but by  today it crashed 45%.

Even more: All movies crashed Sunday with uncertain weather conditions nationwide.. a snow and ice storm stretched from the Midwest to the Northeast.. and it with an average of 38% decreases in ticket sales took place across the board..