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DC’s Catwoman Comes Out as Bisexual »

I am not shocked.
As a matter of fact, being a BATMAN fan since my early years of life, I always sensed something a little edgier about Catwoman when compared to the other villains.. Selina Kyle is not the quaint woman of Tim Burton’s imagination in the early 1990s..

And anyway, I always pictured Catwoman as Ertha Kitt, as she was probably the role model for any Catwoman to come.

This comic book coming out has generated a lot of controversy and attention—

This whole thing started when Genevieve Valentine wrote a blog about this. The explanation for this new role of the arch nemesis of BATMAN:

When I was first plotting out what I expected to be a six-issue arc, there were a few emotional beats I considered indispensable. One was Nick, around whom Selina’s moral axis pivoted and whose death would set up Antonia to be both guilt-trip and threat to Selina – a contestant for the throne, even if neither of them wanted to think of it that way. Another was finding time for a few key moments with Batman, particularly in the first issue to set up their connection even when at odds.
And one was establishing Selina as canon bisexual.
She’s flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation.

And boom. The Bible versus are now being quoted on news articles and comic book sites, and many people are suddenly condemning someone that doesn’t exist except on paper.

Now the question becomes: Who does the CAT want more? The BATman or the BATgirl?

So don’t fear, BATfans, Catwoman’s sudden burst of sexual creativity is not going to be ruining any childhood imaginations.. her proclivity for both genders is not going to incur the wrath of God on the comic book world.. And quite frankly, we will survive.

I think this is a fine move. Comic books are always and should be on the cutting edge of societal evolution. I think for some male oriented readers, this may challenge and rattle the core of their nerve endings for a bit. But they will grow used to it.. After all, why condemn a woman who is bisexual but be pefectly fine with a wealthy man, Bruce Wayne, who uses his money and influence to get attractive women to sleep with him?

And really, what BATMAN and CATWOMAN do in their bedrooms is nobody’s business. Well, unless it’s on a certain page in a comic book..

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