BATMAN RETURNS: The Christmas movie we all forgot was a Christmas movie

Parusing some parts of the NET, I found this great article from someone on the appeal of BATMAN RETURNS..

I loved this part of the story:

As child I loved the film for the simple reason that it was a Batman movie. I was tone deaf and just liked seeing Batman and Catwoman and the Penguin do cool and crazy stuff. I rediscovered it as an adolescent and it has stuck with ever since growing and growing in personal esteem the more I watch it. At first I loved it for being weird. Then I started to chew on it, mull it over and think about what it’s actually saying. It’s around this time I found the film had a devoted fanbase – a fanbase that has become more vocal over time.

Me too!

Batman returns poster2.jpg


And as a matter of fact, I realized a few years back that this is actually a Christmas movie.. that the feeling of the season is oddly within. the musical score! the scenery! And even Max Schrek with his odd similarity to Donald Trump.. it all makes this movie amazing in all ways..

Batman Returns was released on June 19, 1992.

It grossed $266.8 million worldwide on a budget of $80 million and received mostly positive reviews.

This film has more to offer than what we all remembered.. We can now have a renewed appreciation for the movie after all this time.. all these Christmases..

CATWOMAN with her many lives.. the Penguin with his odd parents who didn’t want him (Pee Wee Herman was the dad!!) …. the scenery of snow and coldness that solidified Tim Burton’s sequel to the original 1989 film was amazing, as I look back..

It goes perfectly fine compared against the landscape of our modern times.. Burton and Elfman’s score can be thanked for that, along with Keaton’s Batman and Pfeifer’s Woman who plays the Cat.


As the film ends, as Catwoman stands tall, it gives us that melodramatic feeling of victory and an “Empire strikes back” feeling.. So much so that we wish Burton would have directed Batman 3 without the nippled suit.. without Mr Freeze.. without the rest of the awfulness that ensued throughout the rest of the 1990s…


Greatness personified…

It is as charming now as it was then, as miserable and also equally amazing.

Some out there only think DIE HARD was a great movie for the season..Sure, that is set against the back drop of Christmas, too.. But something else magical resides in BATMAN RETURNS.

So re-discover 1992’s hit BATMAN RETURNS. Released in the month of June so many years ago….and since then a reason for the season..