The Debbie Dower Super Bowl

I am surprised with how ‘down’ all of these Super bowl commercial are..

The Nationwide child death ad seems to have upset the entire nation.. Along with lots of tearful and somber ads of dads crying and dogs running..
This year we are being hit hard with emotions.. Advertisers a seemingly have abandoned all forms of humor and replaced it down doldrums and a mood slump..

Katy Perry lit up halftime with color and craziness, but the new ad order of sadness was on full display..

Why all the dismay?
Why all of the melancholy blues?
Field goal.
Smiles you’ll lose..
It’s the way to sell, to tear at your heart..
Advertisers have learned a new way.. Just remind people of how much life can often suck. And they will buy.
And cry..
Tears have filled empty nacho plates this Super Bowl Sunday..

Nationwide is not on our side..