Anyone following the ART BELL saga knows what site BELLGAB is.. it’s the home to a dedicated fan base of various people from all walks of life who, in the spirit of online honesty, come together to lament the way Coast to Coast AM has changed since Bell left as the prime steward. But now it’s becoming the new hangout for Bell himself, who has previously utilized the message board during his Sirius stint, but appears to be stressing a more active role on the site.

Last night, the gloves came off on page 666..

Premiere Radio networks has been airing a program each Saturday called ‘Somewhere in time’ for years, much to the chagrinne of Bell, who has asked them repeatedly to cease the weekly show. Instead, they continued it. This week,  after Bell announced his new program will air on the Dark Matter Radio network in July, Premiere chose an interesting program for the Somewhere in Time. It was a show from 2002 in which Bell not only alluded to a future trip with his wife at the time–one that would became fatal and tragic–but also had a caller doubting George Noory. Bell told that caller three words that have lived in infamy: “George Gets It.”

Last night on BELLGAB, Art Bell himself posted a message showcasing his acknowledgment that Premiere used the Somewhere in Time show as not only a shot at Bell but also a reinforcement that Bell once said Noory ‘gets it’ in relation to the themes and reason that Coast was successful to begin with. Bell wrote this:

 One last thing since we are on 666, Yikes 667 already!…..”He gets it” is what GN’s new Boss asked me to say.
 Gee, just one last thing, that they have chosen that show only shows me that little beads of sweat are on their faces. Frankly I don’t care what they do, only what I WILL do.

P.S. Georgie, when you are forced to mention my name after every show please throw something in about July!

Entertainment can be cruel.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

In the Sirius radio botch, Bell admitted that he lost that battle and Premiere radio won. There sounds to be much more to the story, one we may hear in July when Bell freely and for FREE broadcasts his program across the internet. Bell even admits that AM radio is dying and the future is through social networking and online podcasting. Some fans wish he would have entertained that long before he considered Sirius radio. But history is history.

What is clear for the present time,  though: The gloves are off. If Bell senses he lost a battle,  he may have regrouped for the war. All eyes are on Bellgab for more.

George Noory himself went there before he called users ‘haters.’

As the battle continues..Stay tuned for more. As always, we will be following. And actively engaged on the message board as well.

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