A worthwhile retort on the CABLE TV cord cutting

Last night, I dropped a link on this site and espoused some of my beliefs that the current generation growing up will drop out of the TV scene much prior to the next one. . the link on the ‘cord cutting’ actually came from TIME magazine.. However, a reader comment on the situation offered a … Read moreA worthwhile retort on the CABLE TV cord cutting

CHURCH LETS OUT: Keith Rowland speaks

Normally this website and many others wait patiently for Art Bell to make comments on Facebook or BELLGAB, but this night the HORROR REPORT can relay information that Keith Rowland, Bell’s famed webmaster and curator of THE DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK, is the one doing the speaking. Rowland published a post tonight regarding the controversial … Read moreCHURCH LETS OUT: Keith Rowland speaks


Los Angeles hospital warns 179 patients possibly exposed to ‘superbug’ » LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A large Los Angeles teaching hospital has told scores of patients they may have been exposed to a drug-resistant bacterial superbug during endoscopy procedures that infected seven patients and contributed to two deaths It seems high time for a new fear.. … Read moreTHE SUPER BUG DOES EXIST