The 500 pound meteor in the room » An amazing—and scary—piece of news is being reported very close to the HORROR REPORT home base.. Americans in New York, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania reported seeing a fiery, 500-pound meteor soar through the sky this week before the space rock apparently broke up somewhere over the Keystone … Read moreTHE PINK STARS ARE EXPLODING

The death of TV

Cord-Cutting: Millennials Abandon Their TV, Cable Faster Than Ever » This is important and game changing.. A cultural switch is going on. And this backs up my point the other night that Saturday Nighy Live and other live programs are becoming increasingly irrelevant .. Like AM radio, conventional TV is dead. There is a revolution … Read moreThe death of TV

When in Rome…

Rome is getting very worried about ISIS. We have reported on the strange prophecies that seem to be driving news lately.. Now the DAILY BEAST is reporting about officials in Rome having no clue how to deal with the threat of ISIS, but being very concerned about their potential advance from Libya to Italy.. Barbie … Read moreWhen in Rome…

Aliens from the musical stars: Tom Delonge believes in UFOs and says he knows people who ‘know’

Recently, John Podesta, an official who had power within the United States government, said his biggest recent regret was not being able to provoke UFO disclosure. Enter into the discussion, a musical star: A famed star in the paranormal world, Tom DeLonge, is ‘positive’ that aliens exist.. the BLINK 182 star goes further and says … Read moreAliens from the musical stars: Tom Delonge believes in UFOs and says he knows people who ‘know’