Aliens from the musical stars: Tom Delonge believes in UFOs and says he knows people who ‘know’

Recently, John Podesta, an official who had power within the United States government, said his biggest recent regret was not being able to provoke UFO disclosure.

Enter into the discussion, a musical star: A famed star in the paranormal world, Tom DeLonge, is ‘positive’ that aliens exist.. the BLINK 182 star goes further and says he knows people in a position of power that would be ‘in the know’ on the alien situation..

The words come from a PAPER magazine interview with Delonge (PAPER made fame in 2014 with the exposure of Kim Kardashian’s rear) .. Delonge went deep into UFO and government coverups.. he went on to explain his opinion as to why aliens are even more important than Jesus..

Among the many things that Delonge said during the wide ranging and amazingly interesting interview:

  • He said he had his phone tapped.
  • He spoke of trillions of galaxies with the unknown amount of planets within..
  • He said NASA did NOT fake the moon landing, but there are questions that need to be asked which are covered up, such is what was there when we got there..

I visited a number of forums and checked the comments on some stories regarding Delonge’s words today.. a few people seem shocked he believes what he does. I have previously heard some in depth interviews with Delonge. I most note his few appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp was the fill-in host..At that time Delonge was advertising his then new website StrangeTimes, one that seems to have gone off the internet..

Delonge is an intelligent person and good thinker on this and other topics of the unusual..
Whether he really ‘knows people’ or not cannot be proven by me or anyone else.

But is there something out there?
With zillions of potential planets that would harbor life, I think the question is moot..