“We are about ready to go to war”

Richard Sryett was hosting Coast to Coast AM while George Noory attended an event in San Francisco last night. Though his interview with Marie Jones on mind control and cults may have been worthy, the real show was taking place in a virtual world. George Noory posted on Bellgab after months of offline time..

Noory’s return seemingly stemmed from Art Bell’s message on Facebook critical of Noory’s use of the term ‘wanna take a ride,’ a catch line long associated with the Coast Bell incarnation voiced by Ross Mitchell since the 1990s. Noory addressed the charge of theft, saying, “sorry but Ive been using it since my days in St.louis and picked it up on Coast in 2001 when I started filling in for Art. We both got it from the movie Contact. Ross even had liners for us. Nothing sinister here folks.”

Users pounded quickly. But it was Steve Warner, the BELLGAB user known as BATEMAN, who seemed to get the ‘goatsie’ the most.

Warner began his own radio program in 2013 called DARK CITY, and was well known for pranking gags of George Noory during live call in shows on Coast to Coast AM. At that time, Warner said he was approached by Noory about appearing on Coast.  During Noory’s latest postings, Bateman continued pressing Noory about why he sent Warner a blank email message on April 23. Noory repeatedly denied sending the message, eventually admitting the possibility of something being sent, and posted “I was going to send you one (personal) a few days ago but never got around to it…..might have sent it blank during a commercial break? Steve I get 1000 emails during the shows and my staff is clicking saving etc for me until I read them.”

Warner spoke to the HORROR REPORT hours ago about this private message. He said, “I think he actually sent it because he heard me on a podcast poking fun at him and this was his way of saying ‘I’m watching you’ with plausible deniability. Whatever the reason, it’s funny he sent it at 3:30 in the morning when he’s supposed to be doing his show.”

Speaking more about his recent relationship with Coast, Warner again: “He started off telling me he wanted to do a ‘spooky, yet funny’ segment on Friday nights called ‘Here’s Bateman’, I shit you not. Then he put out feelers after John B. Wells got the boot on weekends.”  That was 2013 during Bell’s SIRIUS XM stint.

Warner continued, “Frankly, I think the Coast brand is toxic at this point, and I don’t need them or their 600 stations to be successful at this. We live in a vastly different media landscape than we did just a few years ago.”

x x x

A vastly different world indeed. One where two late night radio hosts are at war on a message board.
And speaking of war..
Noory’s other comment raised the ire of posters. He said,

I am the KING of late night radio. Long live the new KING!!! I deserve the crown.
This is a riot your upset over a king’s crown lol..we are about ready to go to war and YOURE concerned about my avatar

The avatar in reference is a koala bear. Previously when Bell quit his SIRIUS job, Noory used a symbolic crown.  Noory went on to post last night, “Redacted would you like me to have a crown of thorns   that was for a king too?.”

While it is unclear what ‘war’ may have been referred to—so many exist in the world after all— there is evidence that Premiere Radio and the MIDNIGHT camps are beginning to prepare for a corporate battle of wits and skills.

With ‘war’ in offing, Art Bell wrote a late to the game response to the night of Noory postings.

In full,

I see I am late to the party, spent the evening with my Child Bride, great night.

Perhaps I have it wrong so if I do please correct me. Did Dave say we were going to War? Did he say something about wearing a Crown of Thorns?

Did he say he was using Wanna Take a Ride in St Louis? Really? Dave I can get you a hell of a special buy now price on the Arch.

I hope Dave was drinking heavily, otherwise I can not understand what would make him say those things, just wait till he wakes tomorrow Afternoon and reads what he wrote!

I told you, you can predict this guy like a clock, as soon as he knows I am coming back it begins and it will keep ramping up as we near July. Dave if you were running for office as a sitting President any advisor worth a crap would tell you to shut the hell up and stop helping the other side.

As most of you know I had made a deal not to strike first and I want it noted here that I did not, I simply reacted to recordings of Dave mumbling wanna take a ride and the clock struck midnight and Dave arrived right on time trying to rewrite History.

Time for bed, night all.



The ‘war’ is on.. battle stations are armed. Words are slinging and flinging in HTML, FTPed, and instant..
The radio world is facing the internet world. That, perhaps, is the war..

Keith Rowland has acknowledged to the HORROR REPORT that Art Bell, in his July 2015 return to live internet radio, may not be able to beat the juggernauts of Limbaugh and Hannity, but the BELL camp is hoping to transform the landscape. However, as evidenced by the BELLGAB postings, there will be a number of virtual missiles launched prior to the summer skirmish.

The HORROR REPORT has reached out to Coast to Coast AM, and George Noory for comment.
At the time of this posting, there has not been a response..
The story will be updated if contact is successful.


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