Well that didn’t take long.. a set of LATE SHOW today is junk by evening..

Right after Letterman’ final show, CBS trashed his set to quickly begin making way for the new guy..

The NEW YORK POST and other sources snapped photos of stagehands  and workers uncaringly trashing fragments of late night history..

The POST reports:

“I was literally sitting in one of those seats last night,” said Stephanie Strausz, of Manhattan, who scored​ a​ second-row ​ticket to​ Wednesday’s star-studded finale.

“I can’t believe they’re just demolishing the whole thing. It’s shocking,” she said.

As stagehands stamped pieces of set into debris, the Letterman lover was able to snatch a bit of dilapidated bridge.

It belongs in the Smithsonian, not the dump, Strausz said.

“I’m ridiculously excited. Now I can leave in peace,” she gloated.

But workers were far less sentimental.

A stagehand said the piles of bridge pieces and particleboard were headed for the dump, adding: “It’s all junk now.”

The full story:

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