Move over ice buckets.. The paranormal CHARLIE CHARLIE challenge has come to social media town..

Earlier today I, along with a varied amount of other sources, wrote about the newfound appreciation of an old game called CHARLIE CHARLIE.. Rooted in Mexican paranormal tradition, the game involves using pencils to summons a demon with a pair of people chanting “Charlie Charlie” followed by questions of their choice. And the cautionary tale goes: You must ask Charlie to stop playing the game.

Well the entire internet just blew up this Memorial Day weekend with the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ on social media.. Oliver Darcy at THE BLAZE reports,

It’s dubbed the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” — and it has individuals everywhere attempting to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie through the performance of a paranormal ritual.

Individuals are instructed to form a cross with two pencils on a piece of paper. Inside the four boxes created by the pencils, one is supposed to write either “yes” or “no” and then ask if “Charlie” is present. If the pencil moves toward a box with “yes” that supposedly indicates the demon’s spirit is in the room.

There are two camps when it comes to a story like this, just as there is with the OUIJI board or any other attempt to herald some paranormal souls or demonic entities:
1) It’s all fake anyway so it doesn’t really matter..
2) It’s all true or at least partially true, and it’s a dangerous game for youthful ignorants to play around with ancient rituals.

You may have a multitude of thoughts yourself on the matter–I certainly do..
There is no paranormal story I ever wholeheartedly believe.. Nor is there ever ‘too much’ logic in the face of news events like this. But at the same time, there are mysterious things in this mysterious universe, with quantum mechanics in its infancy, I still believe anything is possible.

Along with the possibilities: Maybe even someone named Charlie answered the call of endless amount of people now showcasing their CHARLIE CHARLIE videos on the internet for the entire social media world to see..

Once again this year, paranormal tales are in the news. The mainstream news..

Hopefully all of our CHARLIE CHARLIE video victims remembered to end their game..

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