The CHARLIE CHARLIE challenge set the world on fire over Memorial Day weekend this year, when an untold number of pre-teens, and teens—along with Clyde Lewis on the radio—decided to balance two pencils together and request the presence of Charlie, a supposed Mexican demonic entity..

While the whole pop cultural phenomenon seemingly has waned, the Dominican Republic just had quite the CHARLIE CHARLIE issue while it was taking place. According to reports now being filed in the UK DAILY MAIL and other sources,  four Colombian high school students were brought to the emergency room two weeks ago screaming and babbling.. there were no physical abnormalities or issues. Reporter Alasdair Baverstock writes this in the MAIL:

But parents at the Juan Pablo Duarte Primary School in the town of Hato Mayor in the Dominican Republic, where the original video came from, say their children were ‘possessed by Satan’ after playing the playground game.

‘Three students were absent from class because their parents believed they were possessed by the devil,’ deputy headmistress Jovita Jimenez told MailOnline. 

Ms Jimenez’s school is one of various throughout the Hato Mayor region of eastern Dominican Republic, a country where voodoo black magic is common, that has been subjected to what she describes as the ‘satanic craze’.

The entire allure of Charlie Charlie has some interesting causes in my opinion.. the game and myth has been confined to Latin America and Mexico. Cultural experts say that men in those areas are more likely to play the game than women.. But the fact that Twitter and Facebook exploded with it also showcases the changing cultural dynamic of the United States . During the early 1900s, the US of A was greeted with countless immigrants who brought with them the lure and paranormal tales of their home countries, typically in Europe. At that time, Christmas was a time for ghost stories, something that dates back to the Victorian Age.

In 2015, CHARLIE CHARLIE shows that a whole new immigrant impact is occurring. The increasing number of Latin Americans and Mexicans in the United States is having an effect even on the paranormal world and horror establishment.  And with it, new people are being introduced to the friend people South of the border had for a long time: Charlie.