Something mighty historic just occurred.. the generation that lived through Amelia Earhart’s vanishing act would never had known the amount of a cultural impact with staying power that incident would have.
Today’s mystery began March 2014 when the Malaysian flight MH370 vanished. Somewhere..
And now, in 2015, the hope for answers dashed..the mystery solidified.. And the search is being abandoned.

According to the airline it’s been a wild goose chase. A chase now coming to an end game.

NBC NEWS reports,

The underwater hunt for missing MH370 is a “goose chase” that will soon be abandoned, according to the boss of one of the world’s largest airlines.

Tim Clark, president of Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, likened the search of the southern Indian Ocean to the decades-old unsolved mystery surrounding the disappearance of aviator Amelia Earhart.

“I think it is only a question of time before the search is abandoned,” he told theSydney Morning Herald on the sidelines of an industry conference in Miami on Tuesday. His remarks were confirmed to NBC News by an airline spokesman.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

“Do we have solutions? Do we have explanations? Cause? Reasons? No,” said Clark, whose airline is the world’s biggest operator of Boeing 777s — the same type that vanished in March 2014. “It has sent us down a goose chase. It will be an Amelia Earhart repetition.”

So there you have it.
WE have just lived through history. A passenger jet vanishing from radar. Never being found in water.. wreckage never surfacing. Weird stories of phones still working after the event … all of the intrigue and mystery, rumor and sensation.

All in history..
And paranormal and mysterious lure to come.

The families will never be the same. Remember seeing their grieving yet hopeful faces on CNN saying that there was more to the story, that the plane had been stolen? Remember all of that?
I do..

And our children, when they grow up, may ask us about this event. This historic event of a passenger plane going missing without a trace.

You can tell them, as I may tell my own son, that the plane is still flying. Somewhere in a realm or alternate reality.. and every now and then if you listen really really hard, you’ll be able to hear the Malaysian jet still circling the world looking for a place to land.

Hopefully my son will never see the TWILIGHT ZONE that I stole that idea from..

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