M NIGHT 2.0?

For years,  M Night Shyalaman has been equally regarded as a genius and washed up director.. Fans love him. Critics hate him.. a new movie coming out this fall called THE VISIT, at least according to Jason Blum, may help some get restored faith in NIGHT.. 

Blum said, 

“And I think when you see “The Visit,” and when people see “The Visit,” they’ll see it’s — you know, he’s really back to — it feels like one of his earlier movies, and it really feels like one of the Night films that made him who he is. It’s really scary, and really gets under your skin. It’s more of a…thriller, but it’s a terrific movie, I’m really proud of it. And I’m even prouder of it that…I think people will be very pleasantly surprised by it.”

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