Art Bell appears on the John Bachelor show to preview Monday’s MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT..

Roads once again melting in Yellowstone.. being blamed on a new thermal feature affecting roads..

The earth takes back over.. take a look-see at this classic cars collection overrun by trees..

Chattanooga shootings: City comes together..

The good bad and ugly: FAA investigating video of drone FIRING A GUN but at the same time technology is now giving us drones that deliver medicine in Virginia..

France shuts down a public beach for Saudi royal visit..

Nestle company has a new business idea: Naked baristas and free coffee.. Before you get too excited, it’s all good marketing and PR.. Sex sells. Even coffee..

DESTINATION AMERICA show to air live exorcism.

Robots busy passing self awareness tests..

The QUEEN MUM not too happy that the SUN, a British tabloid, published a photo of a young Queen Elizabeth giving a Nazi salute with her family.. The UK DAILY NEWS reports that the “Royal Heilness” headline has caused outrage among the British royal worshipers of Britland..

William Shatner spearheaded a Christmas themed horror movie.. The movie is called a CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY.. The film will premiere on July 20, 2015 at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival.

PLUTO continues to reveal a number of surprises in photos..
New Horizons is done with PLUTO.. and it is drifting on into the endless reaches of space..

THOUSANDS OF SINKHOLES  are killing the Dead Sea!

Social media said to be causing ‘anxiety’ for teens.. Gone are the days of AOL instant messenger and ICQ when you could purposely disconnect. Here are the times of constant connection. That means a lot to the brain. A walk in the woods would help enormously (without a phone, though you may lose the chance to Google ‘how to avoid being eaten by a bear’ if you leave your smart device back home)

Five children are among the 90+ CRUCIFIED by ISIS for ‘eating’ during Ramadan..

The past meets the present: Techies hiring witches to protect computers from viruses and their offices from evil spirits! But haven’t you ever noticed, the moment you speak ill will of technology or especially cars in your possession, said technology appears to plunder and cease working? Perhaps we all need some Wicca in our lives..

New York City streets are changing; Homeless population increasing, city streets getting overwhelming scent of urine and defecation..

Greece is on fire–quite literally..

The brain’s alarm: A study reveals why screams are so scary..

A new study suggests that people who live near active fracking sites (in northeastern Pennsylvania) are far more likely to be hospitalized for heart and neurologically-related illnesses. The study also suggests that hospitalizations for skin conditions, some cancers, and urologic problems were also associated with living near fracking sites in relation to proximity and density of active wells .. the study looked at 200,000 hospitalization records along with zip code information to conclude the finding.

Some facts about the MARIO game you’ve come to love.. namely: Mario was actually a bad guy early on in the 1980s..

NOSTALGIA: I am sure you can add to the list, but here is one compiled of the top things that people of this generation have no clue about. Old times are a dying.. But remember, kids of today, the same flower today tomorrow will be dying as well.

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