MIDNIGHT is rocking the desert, and a whole lot more. Art Bell’s first week

When I was 14, sneaking onto the steps to listen to my father listening to Art Bell at 2am, it was magical..
When I graduated high school and stayed up later the summer of 99 doing it on my own, on an AM radio, it was amazing.
After 9/11, Art Bell calmed me down.
During Katrina, the same..
The generation that has grown up since he left Coast doesn’t known long form radio.. true paranormal radio.. deep thought.. science.. conjecture based insight and intelligence.
They are about to.
The fans from then are going to unite with the newcomers from now.
For those who listen to ART BELL for the first time, be aware you will never want to go to bed again.
It all began this week as fans nostalgic for good radio returned, and newcomers hungry for something different discovered MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT..


LinkedIn writes: The man who redefined late night radio might once again change the way AM/FM radio stations receive programming – this time, from the Internet. Art Bell has just returned to radio, delivering the latest incarnation of his late night talk program via the Web at ArtBell.com and via radio apps like TuneIn. »

I agree too.. He is reinventing it and purposely so.

He’s been on the cutting age of technology throughout his career ..

And at 70 he’s more comfortable learning and using new things than those decades younger than him..
And in doing so, he’s going to change the way we get live radio delivered to the device if out choice—but most importantly, make listening to long form talk radio cool again.

Each bumper song at a time…

One full week in. And hopefully a lot more (at least more than SIRIUS RADIO gave us) to go..

Welcome back to Art Bell, the master of radio.

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