Ashley Madisonacide

This was bound to happen.. Reports are being published today that suicides in Texas have occurred as a result of the Ashley Madison hack and leak of users..


San Antonio police captain Michael Gorhum, a 25-year veteran from the department, committed suicide last week after his email was leaked in a massive hack that exposed nearly 37 million email addresses on the Ashley Madison website, reports the International Business Times. The leaks included the users’ email addresses, phone numbers, payment information and stated sexual desires.

The repurcussions of the hacking and release of data are going to be reportable when it comes to issues like this.. But there will be countless tales never told in public venues. The people who hid their sexual desires are now in hiding, hoping the world doesn’t catch on that their emails and names are associated with the site.

Meanwhile, people are frantically searching not only other people’s email addresses, but quite often their own..

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