header-keyartThe press has been building for months.. for the first time ever, we are told, a live ‘exorcism’ will take place on TV. Live.

Or dead.

THE EXORCISM will air on October 30 at 9pm EDT on Destination America.

And when it does, the ultimate in paranormal may come alive.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers are trying, we are told, to clean a house of demonic entities near St. Louis. Medium Chip Coffey told PEOPLE MAGAZINE that the entities are “Satan’s minion.” He said “They’re his worker bees.”

PEOPLE writes,

The night before Halloween, Coffey is tasked with conducting a séance with whatever is possessing the house – and he says the worst-case scenario is that “all hell will break loose” during the first-ever live exorcism on TV.

“There’s something dark in this house,” he says. “That’s not a question mark.”

If something goes wrong, it will be the ultimate of “Truman Show” TEE VEE–with a twist. One filled with darkness. If nothing happen? no bumping in the night.. no voices.. well then, boring television will ensue.

There are blogs and website pre-mocking the paranormal we are told will occur on the live broadcast. Such as the OBSERVER, which listed a series of ridiculous things about the EXORCISM.

In a previous sneak preview published by PEOPLE,  creator Jodi Tovay said this of the upcoming exorcism:

This is the most dangerous night in television. When you’re dealing with the spirit world, there are actual physical risks involved. The effects of possession manifest in bodily illness, so will have EMTs and medical professionals on standby. And we have the best paranormal experts assembled: religious experts, historians, mediums and our paranormal investigation team from Ghost Asylum. They will be covering every corner of the Exorcist house, and viewers can see this in the show as well as, where there will be separate cameras set up as companion viewing to the live special.

On the house:

It all started with Roland Doe, the real-life Exorcist boy that all of this happened to. Our theory is that after Roland was exorcised, all the demonic activity went into the house in St. Louis and has remained there ever since. Other parts of St. Louis are haunted too. … At one point Roland was taken to the local St. Louis hospital and was exorcised there as well. here were lots of outrageous stories from the hospital employees who worked there at the time, and when they tried to tear down the wing that Roland was in, the wrecking ball went out of control and hit another building!

And on a possible hoax:

It is not a hoax. This is a real story that happened and we are telling it. We want you to watch our show and prove us wrong. I dare you not to be scared.

Do you believe?
Will you believe?
Should you watch?

Millions will. Demons and people unite. The television is roaring with entities the Hallow’s Eve Eve.



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