Destitute and dumbed down

At a time when the world should shine we seemingly have grown to be locked in darkness.. 

  The loudest voices seem to say nothing, just a constant flow of drivel that amounts to a collection of uselessness..

The quietest in the crowds make a choice in the Internet age.. Dare to be different or dare to be square–the bankers and conglomerates that give us start ups and social networks have a secret. That secret? They all own them, no matter how different they look.

A visit to any website dot com any day dot net will reveal that the org is all goofed up. It’s the same news regardless of the writer

If there is a writer. Often it’s a robot that picks the ‘content’ (not information anymore, that’s so 20th century)..

I go to countless horror sites that advertise on behalf of these companies. They praise the gorefests and drum up interest in the useless remakes and trivial pursuit of mental vacancy..

They praise drill bit rape scenes in American Horror Story. I suppose since the Lady who plays the countess who should actually be called Gagme does it, it gets a seal of approval.  

But what is pop culture now? What is the net? A bastion of freedom and independent thought or instead a massive array of groupthink coupled with Gifs and social networking bytes that have characters but no character..

Is this getting old to anyone else too?

Because it sure is to me.



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