‘IT’ R

Stephen King’s classic book and TV movie from the early 90s that featured the late John Ritter and so many more is coming.. and coming.. and for a bit of time, it would have seemed as though IT was being shelved by time and fate…

Cary Fukunaga was going to direct it first.
Then news broke that MAMA helmer 

Andy Muscietti was on board..
And that’s where things sort of fell apart.

Now Adam Chitwood with COLLIDER has brought new hope into the horror world with this news: IT is going to be filmed and seemingly it will be rated R..

Producer Roy Lee at DICE 2016 confirmed that previous scripts have been re-written.. 

“It will hopefully be shooting later this year. We just got the California tax credit… Gary Doberman wrote the most recent draft working with Andy Muscetti, so it’s being envisioned as two movies.”

“It is very close to the source material in one way but very different if you look at it as a literary piece of work… We’re taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, and then making another movie from the point of view of the adults, that could potentially then be cut together like the novel. But it’s gonna be a really fun way of making this movie.”

COLLIDER reports that it will be rated R.. and that it the script is being re-tuned..

And I am tuning OUT.

As a fan of Tim Curry as Pennywise the dancing clown, and certainly a fan of King’s wordy version, I don’t really think it’s high time to redo it.. leave a classic be a classic. I may eat my words if the R rated show is fine, but at this point it seems to be a dreadful proposition.. 

Curryless … R … and most likely a dicey script that shakes things up too much.

No thank you.


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