Symmetry ICON revisited

A post from last month about a song that never existed, “See you After Babe” by Symmetry Icon (also not existent) is still receiving a notable amount of visits on my site. You can read the original article I wrote here..

Over the past month, I have thought about this from time to time.. Tonight, it just so happened to be after watching the Gallows (I recommend it) my niece and I talked  a bit about the song.. she seemed haunted by it. I still did as well.

You see, even though I realize the song is fiction, something tells me I heard the song already .. I feel like I know the lyrics, or at least knew them in some weird way..

I have been perusing the comments thread on Reddit’s no sleep forum, though nothing new is notable in relation to the supposed pop song from the year Obama was first elected..

The 14 second Youtube clip is still haunting, too:


I noticed some comments online are playing along with the whole thing–which sort of makes it even creepier in a real way..

Like these comments I collected from various forums and YouTube videos:

I NEED to hear the rest of this song. now. I haven’t heard this song since Halloween 2008 but when it came on at a party, everyone went nuts and we didn’t listen to anything else that night. I had forgotten about it until now, but it’s stuck in my head and I NEED it.

Man I love this song, 2008 was such a good year. So sad I won’t be able to hear it again

I used to love this song! My sister used to play it for me all the time. I miss her

I had this thought. Go with me here..
Tulpas. You know, those little nuisances that some people say can go from imaginery into existence. And perhaps you’ll have to suspend reality for a moment, but just imagine if enough people begin to believe this song existed that somehow we create a world where it actually did? Where the song’s lyrics were real..
Where .. maybe .. Symmetry Icon’s See you After Babe played in cars and on iPods in 2008 and will never be heard again?

Until that tulpa gains momentum, I’m sort of fine realizing the story is false. Just a fake.. just a fad, and just a strange tale of a tune that vanished.

I will tell myself that. I suggest you do, too.

Or you’ll be humming a melody to a song that never was real and going mad in the process because of it.

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