White balloon

First off, if this publishes I will be amazed. It is the fourth time I attempted to write it and publish, but each time there is an error and it will not save or post. Other posts have been published without a problem.

Recall a few days ago when I posted that article about the ‘haunted balloon’ that followed a grieving mom at her son’s funeral? There is still ongoing debate as to whether the floating white balloon was just being guided by wind. Or if it was being guided by a hand beyond the grave.

At the end of the post, I didn’t opine. Paranormal events are only inane until you’re involved with one. I will never want to tell a grieving mother that the message she found comfort in was just useless coincidence.

And then I had a dream.
Literally. A dream two nights ago ..
Last night, perhaps thinking about this balloon too much, it showed up in my own dream! It floated around me, floated behind me.. At one point I recall in the dream the balloon actually beginning to act very independently and almost in a manner that was not conducive to peaceful activity. It had some sort of agenda, and the events that transpired did not bring me comfort but instead I was led to believe that balloon had a foreboding meaning. As though the white balloon should be avoided, as though it should be ignored to take away its power. And if it comes in contact with you, perhaps you’re next.

Since the dream occurred, I wrote about it four times. I become increasingly frustrated that regardless of what platform I attempted to post this from, it would not work. My iPhone froze up. My computer did the same. I tried on a third party computer and it completely deleted the post.
And now finally, I am attempting it from an un-disclosable platform in a last ditch effort to see if it works.
I certainly hope it does..
The dream seemed so real.
The white balloon’s shadow seemed sinister.
I certainly hope in reality it was from a kinder source than it appeared to be during my night terror.

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