I have been experiencing some strange jaw pains lately.. stress induced TMJ is the prognosis. The dentist even agreed after a series of X rays were conducted late this evening. I don’t know yet if I will choose the mouth guard for sleep–seems unlikely–but I will surely attempt something. Maybe just yoga for stress relief, I don’t know yet. I would love to hear what YOU do if you have this condition..

Nonetheless, I had a little bit of a panic attack during the appointment.. I guess this is why my stress level is high and grinding of teeth is often.
Anyway, while sitting in the chair, I looked over at the X ray of my mouth before the dentist walked in to study it..

Here is A MOUTH, stock image.. Google. It’s not mine, but I guess it looks familiar besides those wisdom teeth. Mine are out.

The reason for the photo freakout: The skeletal view of my face.. I sat there in a motionless stare at the X ray.. thinking to myself: That is how my mouth will look long after I die. After I perish. After my mortal existence has extinguished and flesh and bones become just bones..
And it will happen to me.
And you.
And all of us.

Mortal thought is so often depressive, especially if you feel you have much more to accomplish. I feel like I do. I want to see more of the world, branch out and enjoy life. Watch my son play and learn and live to an old age with my wife…
…but the angel of mortality is lurking. Always.
That X ray, for all its miracle science, is a reminder of what lurks beneath the surface. What is under the skin.. what is deep beneath the muscle. The soul may be the final thing that cannot be measured—some say we have them. But the bones are there… within the bag containing them.

A slight reminder, in a dentist chair, of the fleeting moments of time. Enjoy them all and smile often. Your teeth are beautiful as are you.


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