A Facebook war erupted tonight between radio legend Clyde Lewis and Facebook trolls who seemingly invaded his page to insult his presence..

The GROUND ZERO host, who often gets into tussles with fans and foes on his Facebook page, got particularity cutting tonight after a few nastygram comments were sent his way..

A post that featured a link to a Breitbart article inferring that Hillary Clinton would ban the Second Amendment took a turn for the worse..

One commenter posted,

You’re so full of shit. No wonder siriusxm dropped your crap show.

Clyde Lewis responded in kind:

Jesus you are just as ugly as Hillary — My computer crashed when I went to your face book page and trains took dirt roads. I see you eat what you tell me I’m full of I hear trolls eat a lot of it — right Mr. Shrek?

And more

Oh and my career isn’t failing — 300 stations and growing — I don’t need to hunt bigfoot when I can rent you out for children’s parties.. I’ll gladly chip in the unicycle red nose and floppy shoes — and balloon animals — can you twist an object shaped like a sausage — ???

Howard all of our shows got dropped because of Art Bell.. you got dropped because your mother couldn’t drill three holes in your head.

After several more rebounds from the Facebook trolling, Lewis said,

Speaking of which your put downs smell as bad as a bucket of buttholes

One user commented,


Another commenter mentioned that Lewis could “take lessons from the archives of Art Bell…”

Another quick response from Lewis joked,

“But that would mean I would have to resign every 6 months”


There is always fun to be had on the Ground Zero Facebook page.

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