The Trump Show

This week has been surreal.
The saga that was the Republican convention.. the plagiarized speech. The sideshow melodrama when Alaska tried starting a trend to extinguish Trump.. The Ted Cruz refusing to endorse him.. the audience turning.. Trump showing up during the contagious outcry against “Lyin Ted.” ¬†Only hours before the Cruz Waterloo: He was speaking to people outside the convention hall when Trump’s private jet circled around Cruz and the audience of supporters. Clearly intentional.

This is a reality show convention. This is a reality show year.

I know this has all been said before by high paid political pointy head prognosticators. But there’s more to the story, in my personal opinion..

It feels all staged a bit too well.

Donald Trump has worked closely with promoters of boxing. He was involved with some of the biggest promotions ever with Don King. He was also an honorary member of World Wrestling Entertainment when he was being threatened to have his head shaved by Vince McMahon. The tables were turned and Trump shaved the head of the WWE owner.

So just imagine the theme.. Trump’s speech writer says she’s going to resign over Melania and the Donald says no.. Lyin Ted’s never ending battle with Trump is like a heel’s fight in wrestling.. the same themes apply. NO bodyslams or chairs, but lots of quits on Twitter and insults on the TEE VEE.. Along with it: A media glare. Sure, lots of people are talking up the ‘disaster’ that the GOP convention was. Some commentators are saying ‘nothing went right.’

But it did. Ratings did. Pundits had a week (24 hours per day on some networks) to opine about the happenings. This as been a success for someone who thrives on attention and free advertising. This is the type of week — the only type of week — that Donald Trump would incur.

Could we be seeing a preview of how American politics would be during a Trump Administration? Or are we just seeing the last vestiges of the Trump routine of bucking the system that fights against him?

This has been a wild week.
But something deep down feels like it was meant to be..


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