LOVE IS BEING LOST: Poll: 7 Percent Of Voters Have Lost Friends Over 2016 Presidential Race »

37 percent said the harsh language is coming from Trump’s campaign, while 11 percent thought it was coming from Clinton’s.

The poll surveyed 802 registered voters between Sept. 22 and 25 with a 3.5 percentage point margin of error..

It is not a shock poll to me.. I have actually seen friendships changed this year with this election – people who were cordial and friendly have gone into a friendship hibernation. Hopefully after the November election (when presumably SOMEONE wins?) will this all will subside.. and friendships will blossom again. Unless the election itself becomes even more divisive by then. And maybe if a repeat of 2000 happens–My God just imagine that ..

I also get a strange feeling that this year’s Halloween season is going to be heavily influenced by politics.. That Trump and Clinton masks are going to be a-plenty. And what effect will that have on your doorstep? Would you refuse candy? Get angry?

So I am curious.. did you lose friends because of this election..? Did YOU break friendships off?

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