Not a reason for the season

This is no way is meant to be an insult of BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN.

But its victory at the Halloween weekend box office clearly showcases a vacuum of scary at this week’s box office – a week that should be housing horror films and festivals of darkness. It’s Halloween weekend for God’s sake..

The film is in its second week.. it dropped more than 40% from the opening.. but it still ended up in first place with $16 mil..

INFERNO fell short of all expectations this weekend.. Tom Hanks flopped..  $15 mil for over 3,500 theaters!

But BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN? Number 1? And with an awfully low count in dollars.

Why did the big studios lump all the horror flicks into the spring and summer? This season could have used some scary movies. Instead people were stuck NETFLIXING old ones or finding the hits from yesterday in the DVD five buck bin at Walmart.

This should have been a big weekend for something.
Sadly we were offered nothing.

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