IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN:  Point Mystic, a thrilling new podcast, has arrived.

A New Podcast Featuring Appearances by Horror Bestseller Joe Hill and MTV VJ Martha Quinn Makes its Frightening October Debut. 

The premier episode features appearances from bestselling horror novelist Joe Hill and former MTV VJ Martha Quinn cast as survivors of the flaming apocalypse depicted in Joe Hill’s New York Times Bestselling novel, The Fireman. Billed as a mix of paranormal shows such as In Search Of with short-form narrative journalism (each episode explores a different mystery), the show comes across the This American Life of the supernatural world. In the episode, Joe Hill is interviewed as one of the newly infected arriving at what will soon become Camp Wyndham. 

Set in early May, before the events of the novel get rolling, it offers a look at what the world may have looked like just as civilization begins to break down into chaos. Martha Quinn became involved in the podcast after she was surprised to discover she was a character in Joe Hill’s new novel The Fireman. 

“And all of a sudden I was like ‘What is going on? Somebody on Twitter said that you’re a character in Joe Hill’s book and I look up Joe Hill and saw that he is Stephen King’s son and he wrote this book and I’m a character in it and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I am. That is so cool!’" 

The pilot episode "The Fireman,” featuring Joe Hill and Martha Quinn, plus a bonus episode with their full interviews and the season one trailer are available now on iTunes and the show’s website,

Season one, episode one: “White Rabbit” debuts on Halloween, this October 31st.