THE END IS THE BEGINNING IS THE END.There was once a simpler…


There was once a simpler time.. there was once a more peaceful landscape .. 2016 is ending as chaotic as it began.. The year has proposed a valuable set of dilemmas for the human population.. so many took offense to things that seemed to occur in the last 12 months of the calendar that I lost count.

But it ends tonight.
And begins as well.

For as much as a new years eve ends something, the midnight hour begins anew.. It begins with a certain sense of freshness.. a great deal of zeal .. Hope and love..
Auld Lang Syne..

Plus that, occasional bad decisions thanks to a complete set of alcoholic specials at the local or fine dining watering hole of your choice. Or your demise.

So try something different this new year.. Try something special.

Make a resolution that you can keep.
Keep a resolution that you made..
And don’t make too many. It puts unneeded pressure on your soul.
But in the end, when the next twelve months slip by like the sands of time, you’ll find yourself in potentially new shoes.. Or the same ones. Your situation may find itself completely unresolved. Or maybe that miracle cure is coming.
Regardless of where December 31 2017 ends for you, let it be a year of constant new beginnings. Each day should be an adventure.

Perhaps I will re-read this post a few times throughout the year. I often find myself glazing over with doldrums and life, itself, often hits like a brutal war zone battle.

I need to re-read it..
I need to live a bit different myself this year.

I need to make the type of resolution that even I could keep.

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