Creepy and cool art that can melt your face into your phone!

If you ever saw someone’s face literally melt into their faces, then you will appreciate this artwork from French photographer Antoine Geiger..

I saw the artwork originally on CREATOR’S PROJECT.. 

The report,

“The project came spontaniously,” Geiger tells The Creators Project. “All of a sudden I would be on the metro or in the museum and feel on my own while it’s crowded. I could literaly see people’s faces melting on their screens, like their identity was being lost in the non-space of technology, like the spacial dimension of the present has been outstretched.” A bit of post-processing in Photoshop, and his eerie feeling was visualized. 

The photos are chillingly weird and actually quite real–you can almost envision the melting of someone’s complete emotional existence into their smart phones..

HERE IS THE ART WORK .. it’s awesome. 

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